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Where you get the very best Managed IT services that Indianapolis has to offer. We combine the best professionals in the industry, with an environment that is expertly designed to deliver results. Gigabyte Guys guarantees high-quality service, backed by a solid and comprehensive understanding of the task at hand.

As a business in Indianapolis, it is crucial that your IT part is up to date to ensure the smooth running of your business. Gone are those days when a successful business in Indianapolis can run totally offline. Now, a substantial aspect of all business is done with IT, and this is why you need an Indianapolis Managed IT Service to offer the IT related services.

At Gigabyte Guys, we provide Indianapolis Managed IT services from a team that is expertly trained and dedicated to every job. We strive to cater to all of your needs with services that employ skill and resourcefulness. There’s no problem too complicated for Gigabyte Guys. We believe that challenges propel us towards more interesting and unique methods of giving the customers what they need.

the evolution of
Indianapolis IT Security

With one of the worlds largest and most advanced cloud security suites partnership and the Managed Workplace Platform, it allows us to offer our customers a complete security solution.  With Avast/AVG and Gigabyte Guys offering your complete Antivirus, Anti-Spam, Content filtering, Cloud Backup, and Remote Maintenance services we give you a one-stop Indianapolis Managed IT Services solution.

With the way businesses are at risk of being attacked by hackers and other issues, we have perfected the art of offering our clients a totalitarian complete security solution.

As a professional IT service company, we offer the following services:

Computer Help Desk Support

24/7 Server Monitoring

Data Backup And Cloud Computing

E-mail applications and browsers Support

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

On-Site Emergency Response

Printer install/support

Phone & Tablet Support


Every person on our Indianapolis IT company is not only an IT geek, but he or she has undergone intensive training and possesses the needed experience in the field to deliver only high-quality services to our teeming clients.

Every client that we have worked for has only possible things to at about us, as there is no Managed IT job that is too advanced for our skills. We play with challenges and always leave our clients in awe at the innovative results we churn out.

We are Gigabyte Guys & we work on hardware and software.

Many IT service companies in Indianapolis offer either software or hardware services, but we are different. We have mastered the art of giving our clients the complete IT experience by having on our team, experts in every field. Set yourself apart from your competitors, and reduce the risk of being compromised.

Our talented IT department is ready to assist with  all IT Issues. whether they are identified by our Remote Monitoring & Management system or raised by your team via our ticketing system. You benefit from our remote troubleshooting support team for your computer service requests. You can forward any application messages, windows error messages, and other anomalies to our IT support team for troubleshooting and system resolution.

We provide customized IT Services to fit your Indianapolis business needs.


Computer and Laptop Repair

If you have computers or laptops which have stopped working for one reason or another, let us fix it! With years of experience, we are able to find out problems quickly and devise solutions that will help fix your problems.

Removal of Viruses and Malware

Is your computer’s performance affected by viruses and malware? With our help, you can render your computer completely free from these threats. We remove anything that can be harmful to your computer.

Data Recovery and Transfer

Changed computers recently? You will want to save your old data or transfer it. We offer seamless data recovery and transfer options to ensure that not even a single byte of data is lost.

Wifi Setup 

Wifi is a necessity in any office. Setting it up can be a hassle, but with Gigabyte Guy’s support, it can be accomplished with ease. We understand all kinds of connections and are experienced with all sorts of installations. We’ll set up your Wifi perfectly in no time.

A Tune-up

Is your computer slowing down and not performing up to expectations? What it needs is a Tuneup. We help you optimize your PC and boost its speed to make it perform like it is meant to. A regular Tune-up is something your computer needs and we help you.

OS Installation

Want a new OS or an update? We have you covered with services that include Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. We install 100% authentic operating systems that give you the best performance and exactly what you need.

our most recent projects

Computer Part Replacement

Need an Upgrade

Network & WiFi Structuring

Connectivity Troubleshooting

Data Backup

Data Restoration

IT Consulting

Free Consultation

Server Maintenance

Server Support

Web Security

Vulnerability Evaluation


“Michael is super responsive and knowledgeable and quickly works through solutions for IT problems. He is able to communicate issues that are understandable to a technology challenged businessman such as myself. We are psyched to be working with Michael and will continue to do so. Highly recommend the Gigabyte Guys for your technology issues!”

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